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13 June, 2024
On June 7th concluded the International Machine Tool Biennial (BIEMH) in Barakaldo, with an outstanding participation of several companies in the sector. One of the companies, Kuik, was present as an exhibitor and sponsor of the Be Digital Pavilion.

In the Speaker Corner, Iñaki Calvo, Cybersecurity Advisor at Kuik, gave a talk on cybercrime and the strategies that industrial companies can adopt to combat it. In addition, the company carried out demonstrations of its partner DIBAL | Weighing and Labeling Solutions for Commerce and Industry, highlighting its productivity control platform for manual filling in the food industry. Other of its developments were also present at the BIEMH with Duplostock, which presented a demo of its integral work management platform, and with Iraupen, which showed its commercial platform Labean, aimed at project and ERP data tracking.

Kuik's booth stood out for its "Cyberheroes" and "Data Defenders" concept, offering visitors an interactive quiz that tested their cybersecurity skills. This challenge attracted participants interested in demonstrating their knowledge, and as an added incentive, two cybersecurity audits were raffled off to the winners of the quiz.

Kuik provides technological solutions that facilitate the digital transformation of companies. The company has experts in the implementation of advanced cybersecurity techniques, dedicated to ensuring the optimal functioning of information technologies and the protection of sensitive data in corporate environments.




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