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18 April, 2023Vixion, the Gipuzkoa-based startup specialising in industrial digitalisation is the latest addition to the ANÁLISIS project (bulk processing of data on the value chain of aerospace parts manufacturing, transferable to other strategic sectors) under the Innovative Corporate Groups scheme (AEI). The consortium is comprised of Grupo Sevilla Control, Ningenia and the Andalucía Aerospace Cluster.

The ANÁLISIS project proposes an innovative development of advanced solutions relating to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the value chain of metal parts manufacturing in the aerospace sector, in order to substantially improve flexibility, efficiency and sustainability on the manufacturing chain of a nationally relevant sector like aerospace, which can be replicated in other strategic sectors, such as the marine sector, the railway sector or the automotive industry.

The project consortium is made up of three SMEs and the Andalusian aeronautics cluster “Andalucía Aerospace”. Grupo Sevilla Control, a Tier2 aeronautics company with over 30 years of experience, contributes its specialised skills in metal parts machining and assembly of aeronautics aerostructures through its 35 machining centres. Ningenia, for its part, is a company with expertise in improving the efficiency of production processes and increasing productivity through industrial automation and process digitalisation. Additionally, Vixion, contribures its experience in the creation of Industry 4.0 solutions and IIoT monitoring platform advanced services geared towards manufacturers and machine users.

The private association Andalucía Aerospace is named as the applicant AEI and is representing all Andalusian aerospace companies, forming a solid base for the consortium in the aerospace sector.

The project began in July 2022 and draws to a close this month. Development is progressing satisfactorily and the case study will serve to implement the development in a stable manner in the daily process of Grupo Sevilla Control.

ANÁLISIS, is an R&D&i project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within its scheme for Innovative Corporate Groups (AEI) and encompassed within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan through the European Union's Next Generation EU funds.




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