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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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15 January, 2024
VIXION has developed an innovative technology that allows connecting industrial machines to create a complete ecosystem of applications aimed at improving the efficiency of production processes in plants. The technology offered by Vixion is highly scalable and features advanced analytical capabilities to achieve superior levels of machine performance.

During its period of operation, Vixion, backed by Tecnalia, has dedicated its efforts to researching and commercializing advanced solutions that empower smart and connected machine manufacturing. Its platform makes it possible to turn any machine into a "smart" entity, offering benefits such as greater transparency in operation, process optimization, support for fault resolution and remote assistance, as well as improved traceability and quality of designed parts.

Vixion's platform operates in three phases: captures, by installing the Vixion Edge device to capture relevant signals; analyzes, by collecting and analyzing data continuously through the Vixion Cloud; and optimizes, enabling visualization of information from any device and location.

In addition, Vixion has developed an ecosystem of applications that address the practical needs of factories. For example, the 'Now' application offers real-time visualization of the machine fleet, identifying machines with emergencies or failures remotely. The ecosystem also includes applications specialized in analytics and machine management.

Throughout its five years of existence, Vixion has evolved to become a technology partner of several customers in the machining sector, as well as in aerospace, machine tool and robotics industries.




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