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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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20 July, 2023Digitalisation startup TicTAP has begun creating digital content that facilitates the use of products by Cevisa, a company that focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing automatic bevelling machines for bevelling metal sheets and pipes used in all sectors relating to metalworking and welding.

CEVISA was looking to offer an extra service with the acquisition of its bevellers: a digital manual, a bevel calculator, maintenance record, tutorials, etc. After analysing different options, the company had the opportunity to learn about the service and product offering of TicTAP at a trade fair and found the right digital solution to secure significant progress in terms of its digital maturity. The startup has created access to manuals, certificates, guarantees, technical information and much more through a smart phone/tablet. Access to the information is fast and easy from the mobile without needing to install any additional app or buy a specific device.

Using TicTAP technology, the workers at the CEVISA facilities merely have to hold their smart phone close to access machine information, they can add new data and contact the company directly and, most importantly, they can do this from any mobile device.

TicTAP is a digitalisation startup, headquartered in Barcelona, which is dedicated to applying smart control and management to the products and facilities of businesses in order to gather real data and link them to each physical element using simple labelling systems, without the need to install private apps. They then create a data-based management solution that is accessible to all companies and businesses that want to improve their efficiency and profitability.




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