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24 April, 2024Star Robotics has been recognized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities as an innovative SME, highlighting its efforts in research, development and innovation (R&D&I), especially for its flagship product, the WatchBot: an autonomous robot designed for surveillance and inspection in industrial facilities.

This achievement adds to a series of milestones reached by Star Robotics in recent years, including strategic agreements with important partners to further its vision in the field of robotic surveillance and inspection. The company has demonstrated its ability to provide security in diverse sectors, from energy to defense and nuclear waste management, collaborating with leading Ibex35 companies and large multinationals in Spain.

Star Robotics' WatchBot stands out for its versatility and adaptability to different environments, offering people detection, automated surveillance and smoke or methane gas leak detection capabilities. This innovative tool has been instrumental in improving the performance of safety and inspection equipment in various industries.

To obtain accreditation as an innovative SME, Star Robotics met a number of requirements, including demonstrating innovative capability through specific certifications and having received public funding within the last three years. This accreditation, valid until April 15, 2027, will allow the company to access new funding and growth opportunities, as well as benefits such as preferential funding lines and compatibility of tax deductions and allowances.

At Star Robotics, they are committed to continuing to lead the autonomous robotics sector in Spain, contributing to the country's technological development and offering innovative solutions for their customers' safety and inspection needs.




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