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03 April, 2023SPIX INDUSTRY develops “Spix”, an intelligent voice assistant specifically designed for operating in hazardous industrial work settings. The aim of the assistant is to simplify the use of digital tools out in the field, to keep workers safe and focused on their tasks. Spix is also the only intelligent voice assistant in Europe that is compatible with the limitations of workers in hazardous settings.

Industrial workers can be faced with hostile conditions when attempting to perform inspections, checks or maintenance operations. On the one hand, they need to ensure they follow the pertinent instructions, get it right on the first try, and report their observations. Using digital tools and applications offers the perfect solution. On the other hand, workers out in the field often cannot access their digital equipment, due to their hazardous settings. As a result, procedures can hardly ever be done in real time, reports are generated after the fact and digital equipment is not used properly.

For the first time, Spix is providing an answer to this problem by offering workers field workers in hazardous settings an operating resource for interacting with their digital tools. The use of an integrated, offline and robust voice assistant helps them to resolve difficulties.

Spix provides a robust voice recognition technology capable of translating voice into text in industrial settings with the best possible performance, and it also features intelligent voice assistant technologies known as conversational agents for managing a dialogue between the worker and their digital tool to help them achieve their goals.

The Spix voice assistant is fully integrated, works without connection and interacts with the predetermined corporate software that front-line workers are already using. This allows field workers to benefit from the power of the voice in their digital business tools, which are compatible with their working conditions.

With Spix, they don't need to take off their gloves or helmet to generate an inspection report. Spix can be used without any kind of visual response, while their smartphone is kept in their pocket, safe from possible CBRN contamination. The idea behind this disruptive innovation is to radically change the user experience of field workers in CBRN risk settings, and help them use their digital tools.




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