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17 October, 2023Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) is a technical working group, consisting of distribution system operators (DSOs) and technology partners, that promotes the creation of a secure network architecture based on open and interoperable standards. Barbara joins the Edge for Smart Secondary Substations Alliance to equip the Digital Grid with its innovative Edge AI Platform infrastructure.

Barbara joins the Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) Alliance, created to develop a standard, flexible, manageable and interoperable platform for next-generation smart grids. Having some of the world's largest distribution system operators partner with technology providers to jointly develop an entirely new solution will revolutionize the energy transition and contribute to achieving a climate-neutral economy.

The E4S Alliance is helping to digitize the grid and make it data-driven to achieve carbon neutrality. Distribution System Operators (DSOs) will benefit from a secure and highly scalable platform based on open standards to monitor, protect and control the power grid. Application virtualization, combined with edge computing, reduces total cost of ownership, accelerates time to market for new applications, and improves the efficiency of electricity management and delivery.

Barbara, The Edge AI Platform for Digital Grid, will bring its expertise in deploying and maintaining Edge Apps and AI models in substations to help accelerate the modernization of European substations.

"We are pleased to contribute to the specification of future smart substations and bring our expertise in edge computing technologies, having developed the necessary infrastructure for the deployment, monitoring and maintenance of distributed intelligence," says Peter Rawlins, Barbara's Vice President of Business Development.

From digital to smart substations

Barbara will join ABB, Ariadna Grid, Capgemini, Circutor, Dell, Enedis, E-REDES, Gridspertise, Iberdrola, Intel, Kalkitech, Landis+Gyr, Merytronic, Minsait, Ormazabal, Sagemcom, TTTech Industrial, Union Fenosa, VMware ZIV Automation to help Digital Substations become Smart Substations.

Barbara is the Edge AI platform for Digital Grid. Since its founding in 2016, Barbara has been developing Edge infrastructure that is cyber-secure by design and compliant with industry standards such as IEC-62443-4-2 safety level 1.

With the exponential development of hardware processing power and the commoditization of Machine Learning models, the Edge has emerged as a great alternative to the Cloud for deploying AI in critical processes. Barbara manages to reconcile the best of both worlds, extending the Cloud experience to the Edge with a flexible, robust and easy-to-use platform, helping industrial organizations deploy and maintain AI on their distributed assets, with the privacy, security, autonomy and real-time latency that the Cloud cannot provide.

Barbara's technology stack incorporates all pervasive southbound industrial protocols, freely runs any dockerized process or microservice concurrently on the same device, and includes all northbound connectivity options.

The Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) Alliance is a technical working group consisting of ABB, Ariadna Grid, Capgemini, Circutor, Dell, Enedis and E-REDES, Gridspertise, Iberdrola, Intel, Kalkitech, Landis+Gyr, Merytronic, Minsait, Ormazabal, Sagemcom, Schneider Electric, TTTech Industrial, Union Fenosa, VMware and ZIV Automation. E4S is working to accelerate the creation of a standards-based, open, interoperable and secure architecture that addresses both the technical and business challenges faced by DSOs around the world.




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