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22 January, 2024HUPI, a startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, has excelled in the first edition of BIND 4.0 SME Connection, an initiative of the open innovation platform BIND 4.0, which seeks to promote technological projects in collaboration with SMEs in the Basque Country. Of the 18 selected, HUPI has successfully collaborated with Lantek, a leader in the digital transformation of the sheet metal industry, jointly developing innovative technological solutions.

Since its participation in BIND 4.0, HUPI has experienced remarkable growth. Founded in 2013 in Bidart, the startup specializes in AI projects through software solutions, such as Virtual Assistants, and electronics, including Cyber Physical Systems. With a team of 14 experts in data science, electronic engineering and software development, HUPI has carried out 100 projects for more than 80 clients in various sectors. In 2022, they had a turnover of around one million euros, registering a growth of 30% in the last year.

The SME Connection program allowed HUPI to present solutions to SME challenges at UPTEK. Selected by Lantek, HUPI contributed to the development of a customized Virtual Assistant, simplifying and optimizing machine installation processes. The tool uses Machine Learning algorithms to find the best configuration for a cutting machine, eliminating the need for in-depth CNC programming knowledge.

HUPI has continuously participated in BIND 4.0 initiatives, including the accelerator program and GovTech, which has allowed them to collaborate with large Basque companies, SMEs and public companies such as Maier, Lantek and HAZI. As a result, HUPI now sits on the board of the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center (BAIC), further consolidating its presence and contribution in the region. In total, BIND 4.0 has accelerated more than 200 startups and developed more than 300 projects, exceeding 7.7 million euros in turnover.

Source: Grupo SPRI




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