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10 November, 2023
The PLONECONF 2023 International Conference has been successfully held and the training sessions, talks and sprints have been attended by 220 people from 26 countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, India, England, Germany, Romania, France, Italy...) mostly software developers, while another 560 people, up to a total of almost 800 people, have followed some of the sessions that have been broadcasted by streaming.

Plone Conference was a successful international conference

The conference, which took place in Eibar between October 2 and 8, was attended by 50 speakers, also mostly international, who gave talks, keynotes, use cases, etc. over 3 days at the Teatro Coliseo. The meeting has been completed with two previous days of training given by 11 professional trainers of 8 different nationalities divided into 4 tracks of 8 hours per day, and during the weekend 50 experts have collaborated in the sessions of software development and documentation that has taken place in the Markeskua Palace.

The organizers have highlighted that "from the technological point of view, the conference has dealt with topics related to AI - artificial intelligence, robots, accessibility, web cybersecurity, VR,... and of course CMS or Content Management Systems". They have also indicated that "the estimated impact of the Conference exceeds half a million euros both in terms of direct travel, accommodation, spending per person, and indirectly induced by training activities, software development, or business development and marketing". According to Eneko Astigarraga, head of CodeSyntax, the company that organized the event, "the Conference has been a great event for the Plone community and has helped to position the Basque Country as a reference point for free software and content management on the Internet."

Mikel Larreategi new member of the Board of the Plone Foundation

Mikel Larreategi, partner and engineer at CodeSyntax, will be part of the Board of Directors of the Plone Foundation, responsible for its management and supervision, for the next two years. And the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, will take over from the Basque Country in the organization of the annual conference, which will take place between November 18 and 24, 2024.




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