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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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RIA 21

Ria21 Technological Solutions, is a spinout of SSHTeam, specialized in Cybersecurity, Development and IT, offers professional services and develops cybersecurity, software factory and digital transformation solutions oriented and adapted to the needs of Industrial SMEs.

They have developed their TotalGAC product, for Automated Cybersecurity Management. Based on sensors that can be integrated into IT and OT infrastructures, it combines different technologies (cybersecurity, Big Data, AI) in a single system. It allows real-time identification of possible network intrusions, detects anomalous network traffic with continuous monitoring techniques, and deploys internal network honeypots that act as decoys. Through its agents, it is capable of isolating computers on the network to prevent the spread of the cyberattack.

Aimed at SMEs of any size, with TOTALGAC they detect, notify and block attacks in both the IT and OT worlds, configuring different levels of solution, adding functionalities for total client independence. Promoting scalability and growth, focused on high usability for users without cybersecurity experience at affordable prices.

TotalGAC is a comprehensive, scalable and adaptable automated cybersecurity management solution. It integrates hardware and software, as well as support services in a single solution, data capture and processing through Big Data and other technologies such as AI to offer companies information to improve their security levels and be cyber-resilient in situations of cyberattacks that could put business continuity at risk.

Its objective is the prevention, detection and neutralization of security incidents. They have certified professionals for the analysis and development of any type of Cybersecurity, BigData and AI and Blockchain solutions or applications.



Ria 21 Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L.

C/Caleira 5 Bajo Oficina 3 | 26210 Vigo (Pontevedra)



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