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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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ORBIK is specialized in cybersecurity services for equipment manufacturers that develop their own electronics and software, as is the case of the machine tool sector. It has a cybersecurity laboratory with methodology, equipment and specialized personnel that follows international reference standards (IEC62443). It is a spin-off of IKERLAN focused on offering laboratory tests for the evaluation of cybersecurity of electronic systems in industry. It has the experience and support of IKERLAN in this field.

In addition to testing, it also offers a continuous vulnerability management service for electronic systems. Based on the list of materials and product libraries (SBoM), it has its own development that allows it to periodically monitor new vulnerabilities and report their impact on the product. This management is increasingly demanded by customers as it is becoming common for this to appear in the contracting specifications and it will also be mandatory in the new Cyber Resilienc Act (European regulation, which will define product cybersecurity in the future -it is still being drafted-) aimed at the security of connected digital products. In some cases it implies the obligation of the manufacturer to offer SW updates for at least 5 years.



ORBIK Cybersecurity

P.º José M. Arizmendiarrieta, 2, 20500 Mondragón, Gipuzkoa



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