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OPTIBAT® is a product and technology for the energy and efficiency optimization of industrial and energy intensive processes. It has been developed using Software Engineering methodologies for Real Time Systems and standards for the design, implementation, documentation and testing in highly demanding industrial environments.

OPTIBAT® implements, in the core of its software, a protected technology approach named Process Cognition, built from knowledge developed along four decades of research since the 80’s by veterans of the utilities and manufacturing industries.

OPTIBAT® observes, learns, and continuously recommends fine adjustments in the process operation to achieve the best energy efficiency at a given product quality and production.

It observes the process data, learns from them along time, and when it is reasonable, it recommends adjustments to the authorized setpoints. The system works 24x7 hours as a tireless, precise and dependable assistance system to the process operator, typically installed at the control center or right next to the relevant equipment.

OPTIBAT® during the setup and installation phase is trained up to operate fully autonomously 24/7 and 365 days a year. The concept is that savings only accrue over time with the system being permanently active, however, a manual override is provided, allowing the operator to intervene in special situationso of emergency or maintenance.

The Process Cognition approach makes use of high-end Soft Computing technologies developed by OPTIMITIVE, mainly those inspired in Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems: neural computation, fuzzy logic, inductive learning, and optimization strategies based on proven heuristics and meta-heuristics.

Process Cognition relies on a proprietary technique named Skill Composition, which consists on defining, when customizing a solution, the basic skills involved in the resolution of a complex optimization problem, and how they are coordinated. OPTIBAT® Built-in Skills implement simple tasks by means of Soft Computing technologies, and all their results enrich the Cognitive State of OPTIBAT®, which represents the overall enhanced awareness of the process status upon which intelligent decisions are taken.




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