Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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LaSiesta Technologies is a TEIC company founded in 2017 in Elche (Alicante), based in the Technology Park of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

Formed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers with the capacity to tackle complex TEIC projects, from the initial feasibility study, to the design and development of proofs of concept and MVP to industrialisation, mainly in healthtech, wearables, industrial IoT and sustainability applications.

LaSiesta's speciality is the miniaturisation and optimisation of antennas, hardware and firmware for use cases that require devices of minimal size and weight. Among the variety of projects developed for third parties include children's glasses with GPS location and IoT communication, fNIR systems for studying brain activity or devices for the study of dry eye. Despite the heterogeneity of these projects, they all had a common denominator: they required an expert collaborator in electronic integration to help optimise and move from the idea or prototype to a professional, industrialisable device, and that is where LaSiesta became a key ally.

LaSiesta dedicates a high percentage of its resources to internal R&D for the development of new miniaturized IoT products and technologies. As a result of this activity, Èniu has emerged, its own line of locator devices aimed at monitoring small and medium-sized birds.



La Siesta Technologies S.L.

Parque Emp. UMH. Ed Quorum IV. Av Universidad s/n. - 03202 Elche (Alicante)



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