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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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Boloberry Technologies is a manufacturer of 3D printers and CNC machines. Located in Barcelona (Spain), the company was established in 2016, and since its inception its engineering team has worked to offer adapted solutions for the industrial sector and small and medium enterprises, without forgetting the institutions, educational centers and health sector.

The Boloberry Technologies product catalog is based on high quality products, manufactured with the best materials and technology, with different formats that adapt to the production needs.

The 3d printers that are manufactured allow printing on all materials: PLA, ABS, INGEO, flexible filament, HIPS, PVA, PC, PETG, carbon fiber, titanium, industrial and dental resins, and metallic filament with 90% metal and 10% of polymer that by means of a post sintering treatment (furnace) removes the polymer and regroups the metallic particles.

The catalog of CNC machines is extensive; from simple machines that are ideal for marquetry, engraving, electronic plates and milling or machining of small parts, to professional machines with up to 30,000 revolutions. Of course, as manufacturers we adapt to the technological needs and size of the client.

One of the aspects that defines Boloberry Technologies is its vocation to the client. This aspect stands out with the Technical and after sales service. The Technical Service offered is designed to accompany the customer during the useful life of the printer, and thus be able to offer professional help when needed. This vocation of service and customer service has been reflected with the recognition of “TRUST WORTHY COMPANY 2019”.

Finally, at the store located in Barcelona, the customer will find 3D printing services (FDM and Resin), sale of consumables and Training.




Muntaner 501 - 08022 Barcelona (Barcelona)



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